Nanna Gorm Boman- Management Consultant at Implement


I currently work as a Managament Consultant at Implement Consulting Group, and I am no longer available for student supervision. However, I am always interested in hearing about ambitious student projects. Bachelor or thesis students interested in feedback, input on their topic or relevant literature from my work-related and research fields are welcome to contact me: [email protected]

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I previously worked as a Postdoc at the IT University of Copenhagen as a member of the Technologies in Practice (TiP) research group, where I did research on the implications of our increasingly data-driven lives. My PhD research focused on activity tracking devices, especially as they are introduced in workplace health and wellness programs.

I have experience with a range of qualitative research methods, such as observational studies, interview, survey and photo-elicitation methods. At ITU I co-taught the IT & Work Design course on the Global Business Informatics bachelor programme, focusing on how to understand and improve digital, collaborative work practices. I also taught Reassembling Innovation, as well as Critical Big Data Management on the Digital Innovation Management Master programme (